Help the hungry - An appeal

This post is not about food, but rather the lack of it. While, we the privileged few, are inundated with choices ranging from what to cook? (will it be healthy paleo Buddha bowl or or a comfortable bowl of warm creamy pasta) whether to eat out or cook at home? and where to eat out? (will it be Chinese, Vietnamese, Mexican, Indian or Thai?) , thousands of our fellow humans are struggling from malnutrition and starvation and do not have access to the most basic and fundamental necessity -food.

Wars, famines, political unrest and climate change, all have taken their toil on the agricultural  productivity of the world. There is a serious shortage of food across the globe. The hunger map published by the World food programme, shows how rampant the problem is.

To download hunger map click here

Quoting from the world food programme, "In 2015, 795 million people across the world did not get enough food to lead a normal, active life. This translates to one in nine of the world’s population going to bed hungry every night, despite it costing as little as approximately 30 cents to feed a hungry child."

Can we in all conscience, turn a blind eye? can we continue to feed ourselves and our children with the choicest delicacies while thousands of children, starve around us? Should we not, do whatever is within our power, however little or big to help the hungry.
There are numerous organizations doing good work in eradicating hunger and empowering people to grow their own food. Get in touch with them and find out how you can help. Help can be in the form of cash donations, kind, or even time. Many organizations are looking for volunteers who can spend time on their projects.

Whatever it is, do something, Anything - Donate, Participate, Spread the word.  
Your conscience will thank you for it!