Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How to select and store groceries

Here in Hyderabad shopping for vegetables is a breeze. A genial old man comes with a cart laden with a variety of seasonal vegetables right up to my doorstep. All I have to do is select what I want, specify the quantity and he will weigh it and sell it to me. A nice and easy way to shop for veggies

However, the flipside is I often end up buying more than I need, either because the vegetables look so fresh and tempting or because the vegetable seller sweet talks me into buying them. Once bought, I often cook a small batch once, then relegate the rest to the bottom of the crisper, fully intending to cook them after a few days. However I forget all about them, and the next time I come across them, during my weekly pantry cleaning sessions, they are a shrivelled and misshapen mess thats good for nothing but a bowl of soup!!

Your story too? I am guessing yes!! Because no matter, whether we buy food in a supermarket or in a local farmers market we tend to buy more than we need, we don't always select the freshest produce and we often end up storing them improperly. Three very good reasons why we tend to waste food.  Given this scenario, wouldn't it be nice to have a ready reference on how to select and store groceries? Something you could print out and stick on your refrigerator? Well, it seems the people at Activity deck, have come up with that very thing.  They have made an Infographic on how to select and store vegetables, and Mr Ankit Seth of Activity Deck has offered to share it with the readers of this blog.

So here it is, with an introduction by Mr Ankit Seth. Happy shopping!

- Ankit Seth
The secret to any great recipe is to use fresh ingredients. But how do you ensure that you pick up the freshest stock? Moreover, how can one be absolutely sure that the fresh vegetables that you so carefully picked up at the grocery mart stays fresh till you cook?

After all mushy and soggy ingredients are never a good sign for any chef. Are they?

In this infographic, we at Activity deck,
have tried to identify the simple steps to select fresh grocery and some storing techniques to keep the stock fresh for as long as possible. We hope that after reading this you never run of fresh food in your kitchen!

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This infographic is created by our friends at ActivityDeck

’’How To Select & Store Grocery: The Complete Guide

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