Happy new year! Looking ahead with top 10 new recipes to try list

There was this family tradition we followed since I was a kid, and which me and my husband have continued with our children too and that is to cut a cake and eat it so we eat something sweet to welcome the new year.It has always been our my fond hope and belief that in so doing we are ensuring sweetness and joy for each and every moment for the rest of the new year.
Optimistic much?? I guess so!!
 Idealistic?? Definitely
Surely in all the twenty plus years, of  carrying on this tradition, even I, a self styled incurable romantic and stubborn idealist should have realized that this trick doesn’t work, that you cannot bribe the fates with cake, that every year will bring its share of joys and sorrow, and as thousands of  internet memes going around, and the cynic in me say,  “ A new year is just a change in date and no big deal. Circumstances don’t drastically change because it’s a new year, and the resolutions (making resolutions on new years is so passé) can be made at any time of the year, so whats the fuss all about?”
But I still continue to hang on to my tradition of welcoming the new year, because despite what the cynic in me says, I cannot deny the magic of the new, the fresh and the untainted!!
Of course circumstances don't change drastically, they more or less remain the same, but the new year to me is like a mental marker, A giant stop sign which the dating system gives you,  a chance if you would take it to stop and reflect on the direction which you are going and to change course if necessary. (Which I trust most of us need to do as we are not perfect) and a chance to put the past behind and look ahead with renewed enthusiasm.
So looking ahead,  here is my list of top 10 recipes I plan on trying out in 2016
1. Macaroons
2. Khakra
3. Sushi (the vegan version)
4. Eggless Frittatta with tofu
5. Homemade Pad Thai noodles
6. Homemade pasta from scratch
7. Burritos
8. Pav bhaji with homemade pav
9. Karanji
10. Tamales
And, here’s to looking ahead to a wonderful 2016 for all my readers and fellow bloggers! May the force be with you!!


  1. woow realy great and yummy i will try this one thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thank you for the encouraging comment Farhana

  2. Looks really great, looking forward to follow up! :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. I am looking forward to the follow up too :)


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