Raw vegan almond cheese

It seems like it was aeons ago, I promised thee, gentle reader, a recipe for vegan cheese, and I know tis an ill kept promise, that hath been delayed in keeping, but what can I say.
I accidentally deleted the pics from my phone and was waiting this long to make it all over again, and snap some wonderful photographs and post the recipe to my blog, however what with the daily grind and travelling between two states, enjoying  my kid brother's wedding festivities. The whole remake the cheese and take better pics got pushed to the back burner.
But now I tell myself, enough is sufficient!!! Your readers are waiting for the recipe. Go share it with them, (and then maybe post the pics later???)
So here gentle reader is my recipe for vegan cheese. Sourced mostly from this website
And tweaked to reflect personal taste
Almonds 1 cup
Garlic four cloves peeled
Lemon juice  squeezed from 1/4 lemon
1/8 tsp black salt
Salt to taste
Blanch almonds
Bring a pot of water to boil. Turn the heat to low, dump the almonds in and stir them around for about a minute or two, Immediately drain the almonds and rinse under cold tap water. Take each almond and pinch the skin off it.
Combine, the blanched almonds, garlic, salt, black salt and lemon juice In a blender until it becomes as smooth as possible, collect the mixture in a cheesecloth and drain overnight in a refrigerator. Next day, take the cheese and pressure cook for 2 or 3 whistles. Alternatively you can even bake it in an oven as recommended on the original site.
Yummy homemade vegan cheese is ready.