'Me time' and other musings

It's 9:40 pm, kiddos asleep, dinners over, dishes are washed and stacked away. Kitchen counter is spotless and I'm free free free :-). This time is what I like to call my "me time"- time to relax, unwind and enjoy one of my favorite "me time" activities.  One day it could be pouring over recipes from different blogs and dreaming about making them some day. Many a recipe I have tried out has it's source in this pastime of mine. Another quirk of mine is I never look at a recipe and say. "okay, I'm going to buy all the stuff I need and make this recipe tommorow." I prefer to wait patiently for our weekend shopping trip and buy the ingredients. Sometimes if the recipe calls for exotic stuff that I normally wouldn't use, then I would sit on it for months. Day dreaming about it, planning the recipe out to the last detail, but I would still hesitate to buy the ingredients. Then finally one day I would summon up enough courage to buy the ingredients and try out the recipe. I don't know why, trying out new recipes this way gives me more satisfaction, than if I were to buy all required ingredients and tried it out as soon as I saw it
On another it could be curling up with my favorite book with a quickly rustled snack. (much to my father's chagrin, who even to this day is trying to break me of the habit of reading and eating at the same time, but as they say,"what is bred in the bone.....")
By the way, talking of quickly rustled snacks, Im sure everyone has their own  favorite quirky snack. I'm posting my own little list. I hope if you are reading    this you'll add your own in the comments.
So here's my list of quick and quirky snacks
Marie biscuits with mango pickle
Choco chip cookies with gongura pacchadi
Maramaralu/kurmura/puffed rice mixed with any pickle or spice powder sitting in the kitchen cabinet (an esp fav combination is pesto seasoning and little bit of sesame oil)
Honey bunches of oats cereal with yoghurt
Bread slice microwaved with a sprinkling of cheese, pepper and chopped cilantro
Sev/farsan with yoghurt
Well the list just keeps growing.... But that's all  I can think of at this late hour