Day Dreams

Speaking to my brother set me off day dreaming about all the things im going to eat once I get to Mumbai. Here is a list of food I want to eat on the streets. Of course Moms meals come top on my priority, but this list is strictly 'hotel food' as my bro calls it. Rishi this blog is for you :-)
Vada pav from the shiv sena stall near my place
vada pav from jumbo vadapav
Ragda pattice from Guptajis outside Andheri Station
Veg MacBurger from McDonalds (its a pity but there are no real veg macs here in US, the land of McDonalds)
Pav Bhaji from shivsagar
Pizza from Joeys or pizza hut
Shezeuan noodles from any udipi restuarant
Frankie from the Frankie stall in Lokhandvala
Chole bhature and Arbi tuk at Kailash Parbat
Gujarati Thali at samrat
Some of my best and warmest memories are from eating out with my family at these places. Can't wait to get to mumbai and take DH on a personal culinary tour of my favourite places


  1. wow! thats some list sis! you think you can put away even half of that into your kutti frame!!!


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