About me

Welcome to  my blog. I started this blog in 2009 to document my journey through the culinary world and connect with people like me who like eating as much as writing and reading as much as cooking!!

I am a proud stay at home m.o.m (master of multitasking!!),  currently living  in Hyderabad, India, with my husband and two adorable kids.(Those three are at the same time  my most enthusiastic tasters and my most honest critics :))

Before coming to Hyderabad, I lived mostly in Mumbai, India (I am a Mumbaikar at heart, as I was born and raised there) and Redmond, WA in USA, where I spent the first seven years of my marriage, (which explains why I love it so much)

My other interests apart from cooking and blogging are reading everything (and that means everything!) I can lay my hands on, crocheting and diy art projects

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