Curried capsicum ( Green bell peppers) with Tomato

Some food pairings really go well together like toast and cheese,  peanut butter and jelly,  cucumbers and yoghurt, Capsicum and tomatos.

Capsicum and tomato is a combination that cannot really be described. It just has to be tasted.  In this recipe, the mushy tartness of the tomato pairs perfectly with the crunch and pungency of the capsicum, while a sprinkling of curry powder adds that extra oomph.  It's a great side for almost any kind of rice,  Naan or Bread . It also works wonderfully as a filling for any kind of sandwich or wrap.
To serve two.

You will need,
Two medium sized Capsicum (green bell  peppers) diced
Four Roma tomatoes diced
2 teaspoons of curry powder of your choice (I use a homemade one-recipe coming up soon)
Salt and paprika (red chilli powder) to taste
A teaspoon each of cumin and mustard seeds for tempering (optional)
A tablespoon of oil

Heat oil in a saucepan or wok till you see tiny bubbles on the surface,  add the  cumin and mustard seeds,  if using,  they will begin to splutter almost immediately. Add the diced capsicum to the pan, and Sautee till almost soft but still crunchy,  and the tomatoes,  salt,  paprika and curry powder,  Sautee till tomato is  cooked through and flavors are absorbed,  Adjust for spices if needed. Add some chopped cilantro and cook for about under a minute.  Just enough to let the cilantro do its magic,  but not quite so much as to let it wilt.  Serve hot