Getting your diet back on track

Most parents would love to feed their kids nothing but the healthiest food.  But many times being  a little preoccupied with other stuff, like a new baby or a life changing event or a busy career we may have sadly not paid as much attention to our family's diet as we should have.
 The birth of my daughter, a bereavement and an international move all in the space of two years has left its toll on my own family's diet
However with a few simple steps we can greatly improve the quality of what we intake
The first step would be to reduce the amount of junk or fast food available at home in the form of cookies, chips etc and replace them with fresh fruits.
Next would be to incorporate at least one serving of fresh vegetables and one serving of fruits each day.
Next would be to ensure three wholesome meals each day , at least one of which should be home cooked.
Starting with these baby steps I am confident that you and I  can get our family's diet back on track.