Ensuring my preschooler eats healthy


Like most mothers of preschoolers, it’s a daunting task to get my child to have his apples, spinach and beans, when he would rather have pizza, cake and candy. But  of late I am beginning to learn that with a little planning and preparation I can coax  him away from unhealthy eating habits. I guess these tips could be of use to any mom hassled with a fussy preschooler. So this is my new found knowledge shared with the World at large Smile

Most kids have three basic food cravings

  1. craving for something sweet
  2. craving for something crunchy
  3. craving for something starchy

Craving for sweet leads kids to demand chocolates, cakes, pastries etc. craving for something crunchy leads to demands for potato wafers and craving for starchy foods leads to demand for burgers and pizza.  Some simple steps outlined below can help tackle each of these basic cravings

1. Always have fruits stocked in the refrigerator. chopped mix of fruits, arranged in a colorful bowl with a dash of honey, a dollop of yoghurt and a sprinkling of chopped nuts is not only healthy but is likely to be relished by a kid craving for ice-creams

2. Make some homemade spreads which you can apply on toasted whole-wheat bread to make a tasty and healthy snack. (Recipe for a simple and easy spread follows in my next post)

3. Raw bananas, sweet potatoes , potatoes and asparagus baked and shallow fried is a healthy substitute  for fries and wafers

4. A mixture of oats and chopped nuts

5. Whole wheat tortillas with grilled tofu, fresh vegetables and low fat cheese are a good and healthy substitute for burgers

More ideas like these would surely be welcome.