(Mis)Adventures in the kitchen

Most of my blog posts are about food and how I love experimenting with different cuisines and trying out different exotic dishes, so that anyone reading my blog would easily assume that me and my kitchen are the best of friends, Which fact, would be true, when I am cooking something special and blog worthy. But most of the days when I have to juggle dealing with a demanding three year old, clearing up last minute clutter by the time hubby arrives from office and cooking, even the simplest of stir fry's can seem like a five course meal.
Its during those times that I want my kitchen and equipment and ingredients to rally around and co-operate, and its exactly those times that they all decide that a mutiny is in order.
Times when, I decide to go all healthy and cook potato fry with only two teaspoons of oil and the potato starts sticking to the pan mid way,and the only way I can bail out the dish is by adding two tablespoons more of oil and frying it on a high flame, at the end of which, I get an edible but poor mushy cousin of what should have been a perfectly crispy fry with every piece crispy on the outside and soft and well cooked on the inside.
When, just that one tough piece of eggplant refuses to turn soft, while all the others in the pan are fast disappearing into a gooey burnt out mass.
When I am roasting onions in a pan and they absolutely and stubbornly refuse to get tender, and I in a desperate bid to speed up things, put the flame on high, and before I can grab a spatula start turning black and bitter and horribly burnt
When I cover my saucepan with a plate to steam cook them, and the plate refuses to come off, and I have to helplessly smell the burnt odor of vegetables emitting from the pan, while I struggle desperately to uncover and salvage the mess as fast as I can
And most frustrating and most frequent of all, is when I heat oil and add tempering and that’s the exact moment when my son decides he wants to go potty or some such absolutely urgent and pressing demand on my time, and I am forced to switch off the flame and let the half done tempering soak in the hot oil.
Well, so much for the joys of cooking!!!