Paneer with creamed peas

DS hid my peeler, and to share a guilty secret, I absolutely don't know how to peel with a knife. In the weekend DH bailed me out. Later I borrowed a peeler from the neighbour. But midweek I realized I had to make something that wouldn't need a peeler. Opening the refrigarator I saw a tomato and a big block of paneer, I knew I had onions and, that there was a bag of peas sitting in the freezer. Now, I know (humble, lowly, novice cook as I am) that tomatoes, onions, peas and paneer make a great combination. So I decided to make, what else, Paneer with creamed peas.
Psst!! Another secret, there is no absolutely no cream in this recipe.

Paneer with creamed peas

1/2 tsp Jeera/cumin seeds
1 cardomom
2 pepper corns
1 Block of paneer (12 oz appx)
2 tomatoes
2 medium sized onions
1/2" piece Ginger grated
3-4 garlic flakes/1-2 garlic cloves minced
2 tbsp cashew almond mix ( recipe below)
2-3 pieces of pineapple diced (optional)
1/2 cup green peas
2 tsp salt or to taste
1/4 tsp chilli powder or to taste
1/8 tsp turmeric

cashew almond mix
Take a handful of cashews and a handful of almonds, grind to a powder and store. This mix can be used in a variety of sweets and curries to enrich the taste.

Paneer with creamed peas
Grate onion and tomato. Heat oil in a kadhai. Add cardomom, peppercorn and jeera, when jeera starts spluttering, add onions, Ginger, garlic, salt,turmeric and chilli powder. Fry onion paste on low flame till slightly browned. Now add the tomato paste. Stir and simmer covered for 5 min.
In the meanwhile in a pot, boil peas along with a pinch of salt until tender. In another pot heat water to a light boil. Add the block of paneer to the hot water, cover and keep aside for 5 min. (This step ensures paneer tastes soft and fresh even if it is store bought and not freshly made) Take the block of paneer, squeeze out excess water and cut into cubes of any size that suits your fancy. Add the paneer cubes, peas, cashew almond mix and pineapple pieces (if using). Add some more water if required, and cover and simmer for 10 min. Finally add a dollop of yoghurt, garnish with chopped cilantro and bring out the fancy dinner ware. This is one dish that really deserves to be served in style. It looks as good as it tastes